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[Harlowe 2.0] Can't change color scheme to the old one.

Hi. I'm new to twine.

Harlowe 2.0 use black-on-white color scheme, but i want to change it to the old color scheme (white bg and black text). I'd found this code in the manual:
(enchant: ?page, (text-colour: black) + (background: white))
, pasted in a header tagged passage, but styles for background and text colors from a <tw-enchantment> tag get overwritten in the <tw-passage> tag inside the <tw-enchantment>. Are there any suggestions?


  • I had the same problem. I finally gave up and fixed it with the following in the story stylesheet:

    color: #000;
    background-color: #fff;
  • Same here. But it worked with the special ?passage tag. Unfortunately, this does not change the bgcolor of the sidebar.
  • @Sizel
    I believe you have found a bug, you need to let the story format developer know about the problem by creating a New Issue on the Harlowe project repository.
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