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Where can I find people to join a game team? (nswf)(+18)

Hello, My names Tizri, and I am currently trying to make an adult text adventure game, its similar to the build of the game CoC, but a completely different game and story, as it is a steampunk dystopia game. The problem is, I am having trouble with coding. I have a game production team with like 3 Writers, 1 Artist, and Me, I am the only one who dares try to code. So what I am doing here is asking where I can find someone willing to work on our team.. If anyone with experience here can join us, or if someone can point me to the right forum I would be very grateful! I knew almost nothing of coding when I started this project, and now i know a bit more about it, but i would be more comfortable working under someone more experienced with working with the CSS and the scripting part... I am using Twine 2.1.1 on SugarCube 2.14.0 format. I have a title page, main menu, and quite a bit of character creation built, I'm just unsure I am doing it right. Thank you for your time, Whether you post or not, have a great day!


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    * I want to write a game like CoC / TiTs / FoE
    * We have writers, artists, etc and no coder!

    Ah man, it's been a whole year since I've heard someone say this. Nostalgia attack. :smile:

    I'd just keep plugging away with SugarCube. It's easy enough once you get the hang of it, and the whole point of Twine is for writers not to require significant coding knowledge (Especially if you're mostly doing CSS). And the games you're speaking of have a very basic gameplay mechanic, so it should be fairly easy to implement something just by browsing the twinery forums and asking questions as needed. Honestly, I've done something equivalent to this RPG game mechanic mostly by habitually pestering TheMadExile, and it's fully functional.

    If you're asking for a dedicated coder for your Twine game this early on, I suspect you may be suffering from project creep. With any other kind of platform, not having a coder is like not having 80% of your team. But with Twine, that onus as an indie game-maker is mitigated. That's why it's so magical!

    You could even write a document that helps those three writers partially code their own stuff (I use the word 'code' really loosely. Let's face it, it's just using macros - even us dumb writers can use those), to save on your time and lessen the need for a dedicated coder. Even if you get one, it'd probably save on their time if they don't make a complete balls of it.

    And you can't make more of a balls of it then Fen did with CoC, keeping an excel document with a thousand variables listed one by one, connected to who-knows-what. And if you're looking for a financially viable game (E.g. through Patreon donations and mass popularity), starting with four team members is a bad move. You might want to get an intellectual property clause done that any writers who submit content are giving up said IP, so they don't yank it back later.

    Just some thoughts.
  • Thank you for your advice! It's appreciated! I just gotta say that I didn't know about CoC till a few weeks ago when my Boyfriend told me he wanted to make a game with a similar layout. Mind you, I prefer creative writing over technical, but I do so love a challenge! So even the little bit I knew was nothing compared to trying to learn coding language.This game is going to be nonprofit, we wont charge people to play it and the only pay we are going to get is the reward of a job well done. ^w^

    Anyway, I just want it to work, and I have to admit I am struggling with a few parts. That's why I posted here, I figured it would be smart to have someone on board who actually knows what they are doing and has at least more experience than I do with Twine. I don't want to take up much of their time, but having someone I can email my questions too without posting my codes everywhere would help me so much!

    ~~~So anywho~~~
    I hope you have a great day, and thankyou for the advise! ^w^
  • No prob!
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