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Which version of Twine is best for me?

Hello guys n' girls,

It's been a long time since I last used Twine properly, about 2 years, so I'm pretty rusty.

I'm looking to make a simple strategy game, having been inspired by a blog I read where someone did this. I'm not sure which version of Twine would work best for what I need it to do, I'll list my requirement's below.

- Save and Load game feature
- Images and Audio
- Clock/Time system & Date
- Able to create different units (infantry, light tanks, artillery, etc)

I'm sure any version of Twine could probably do most of that, however which would be easiest and best for doing it.

My apologies if I'm asking a dumb question, thank you in advance! :)


  • A. The Twine application (1 or 2) is only responsible for two main things:

    1. Editing/storing the content of the passages contained within your Story Project(s).

    2. Combining the passages of a Story Project with the selected Story Format to create a Story HTML file.

    B. The Story Format is responsible for defining all the core features available to the Author and the default layout/look of the story HTML file. Any of the main story formats could be modified by you using either TwineScript, HTML or Javascript to do what you want.

    Harlowe (1.x or 2.x): Has built-in support for saving/loading game state to the web-browser's internal storage.

    SugarCube (1.x or 2.x): Has built-in support for:

    a. saving/loading game state, both to the web-browser's internal storage as well as to local file on hard-drive.

    b. displaying images in page or as passage link using markup.

    c. a Macro based audio library.

    No story format has built-in support for either "Clock/Time system & Date" or "unit" but all story formats allow you to use Javascript data types (like Date and Object) to do this yourself.
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    Personally, in terms of story formats, I started with Harlowe and moved to Sugarcube 2, and I'm glad I did.

    The ability to locally store your saves to hard disk is pretty much invaluable. It means your players won't lose their game if their web-browser's internal storage is cleared.

    Harlowe is what I'd call the easiest to pick up and use, but offers road blocks later on as you decide you want more than just text and Next.

    I've found Sugarcube allows you to do more in the long run as you tack on what you need to make the game that you want.
  • Thank you for the replies, I decided to go for Sugarcube as it appears to do everything I need it to.
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