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Is CSS really working differently with Harlowe 2.0? Help

So I was thinking about converting my big Path of Honors project to Harlowe 2.0 to get the hidden link benefits etc. I changed the story format from 1.2.3 to 2.0 and everything is now a mess that seems to go back the the CSS that worked in 1.2.3. For example this is the CSS I used in the 1.2.3 to color the whole screen

background-image: url("";);

And it no longer works in 2.0

Also this

background-color: #cccccc;

No longer works in 2.0 and it appears
tw-story won't change the whole story color
I'm probably just being dense, but any help on the specific selector for changing passage color, why the background-image no longer works, and if CSS is behaving differently in Harlowe 2.0 would be most appreciated. Trying to teach kids here.


  • Please state the name and full version of story format being used, as it can make a difference to answers given. (eg. Harlowe 2.0.0) Also please use the code tag when posting examples - it's the C on the editor bar.

    Please read point 2 in this comment. (eg. change body to tw-story in your examples.)
  • Thanks for the link @greyelf that answered it.
    Sorry about the leaving off the last number; just figured there was only one 2.0 so far; but I can see where it would be helpful to be more precise
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