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SVG self closing path

Is there a way to get sugarcube 2 to detect path's closing without using </path> to enable svg with class for css?

Using </path> will prevent the <span id=error> but breaks the svg.


  • You're going to need to elaborate here.
  • Actually, I can probably guess what's going on. You're probably attempting to inline the SVG markup directly into a passage. If so, wrap it in SugarCube's HTML passthrough markup—i.e. <html></html> tags. For example:
    SVG markup here
  • Nice! Thanks! That worked perfectly for a bunch of issues I was having. I'm making a kickstarter parody twine and transferring their code also resulted in a bunch of divs breaking. Now all I've gotta do is make sure things fit and tidy things up a bit with text sizes.

    <3 all my love to you
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