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Help Creating Save Function in T1 Sugarcane?


Will somebody please help me set up a decent Save function for my games in T1 Sugarcane?


  • edited April 2017
    Sugarcane comes with a save feature of sorts, it is the Bookmark link within the left sidebar, this link generates a custom URL which can be used to directly return to the current passage.

    If you want a more advance Save system then I would strongly suggest installing the SugarCube Story Format and switch to using that instead, it comes with a multi-slot save system that also supports saving-to-file.

    The Adding Formats section of the Twine 1 Reference explain how to install a new story format.

    SugarCube 2 can be download from here.
  • I have SugarCube2 already. I was just hoping there'd be a resource I could use to give me a similar thing so I wouldn't have to re-learn everything and alter every passage in every project I have to work with Sugarcube2.
    That said, perhaps it's time I did. As I understand it, the difference between Cane and Cube is minimal. Plus, if I'm honest, it's not like I'm an expert on the former anyway.

    Bottom line is, if you think that's my best option then I'm switching.

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