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Freelancer needed!

edited April 2017 in Chit-Chat
Hey everybody,

I have long been dreaming of a way to add both a "like button" and a "comment on passages" feature to twine. Upon bugging this forum and searching the internet elsewhere, I got to the conclusion that a firebase-based solution would probably be best, as I want the end-result to be as simple as possible, which excludes databases and server-sided logic.

As such a project goes way beyond my own programming skills, I was wondering if somebody in this fine community would be available to code a firebase-interface into a twine story (using SugaCube)

In addition to the above mentioned features, I'd need a login system, which gives me control of who can log in, like & comment. The story would be available to a limited number of people I know (writing class, ca. 30 people).

So - anybody interested, please PM me with an offer.


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