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Urgent help

So I'm using twine 2.12 online for my university coursework. I am literally on my final passage but it crashes. I reload the page but now everything is gone. My internet history has not been deleted so I've tried reopening it from my history but it just takes me to the welcome home page.

I've tried using different browsers but again it just says I have no stories. Whats weird is that whenever I try to re import the story it loads but then deletes it. Furthermore on my original browser even though my stories have been deleted it says I've got 94% of storage left.

Please tell me there is a way to fix this, this is my dissertation and its due tomorrow


  • Sorry to hear about this. You can access the previous online version at, which may work better for you in the short term.

    One other thing may be that when I was doing the update last night, there was a period where it wasn't loading data correctly. You may have been hitting it during this time-- try clearing your browser cache. The problem should not have deleted any data, though.

    For a longer-term fix, I'd like you to open a bug with the file that doesn't stay imported.
  • Thanks for the reply I have tried your suggestions but the data is gone, even on the older twine
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