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Site Defaulting to New to Twine(?) screen


I am using Twinery with my class and it has been working very well. However, today I was coming across a glitch that I could not solve.

We are using chromebooks. One of my students went to play his story but hit a "new to twine" page instead of his story. When he tried to go back, he continued to hit the same problem. He eventually got back to his home screen which told him that there were no stories saved. We pulled an old archive of his story and got that to load. However, when he went to play the old archive file, he continued to hit the "new to twine page" and could not play his story. Just wondering if there is a solution to this.



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    Hey, I saw you on the issue tracker earlier. I grabbed the code from the repository for version 2.1.1 and have it hosted on GitHub pages for personal use--you and your students (or whoever else) are welcome to use it until 2.1.3 balances out a bit, though you'll need to import your stories, so I hope you have backups. I won't leave it up indefinitely, since it's not really mine to do so, but I wanted a way to work on things from my netbook, and 2.1.3 is doing the same thing to me as your student.

    Here's the link.

    Edit: It occurs to me that I probably should have asked @klembot for permission to do this. Are you okay with me hosting this version on GitHub?
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    I'm an idiot. is a thing. So is I kept thinking there had to be a way to access the old versions.

    On top of that, I'm an idiot for other reasons:

    1. Even a Chromebook has enough storage to just download the web version (any version without an OS in the name) from the bitbucket page and run it locally, in a browser, from the disk.

    2. You can/should just make your own repository if you need an unavailable web version, or if you can't get it running locally on your Chomebooks. Make an account at GitHub, toss the files in a repo, and check the box in the settings that makes it a website. Honestly, I had to do some sleuthing to find the above link to 2.1.1, but I should've realized that it was not a great idea to have you use my repository in case I delete it/make changes.

    3. I'm sorry I paged you, Klembot, I know you're busy, and this was not important at all.

    I was sleep deprived, in my defense, and a mite frustrated about Twine 2.1.3 not working and seemingly removing all my stories (they exist in the 2.1.1 build in the link above and work fine, and I do have back-ups for my back-ups, so I really shouldn't have been). I work with other people and I use a netbook with next to no storage a lot, so I was kind of in a rush to solve my own problems, and for some reason I thought you were in the exact same boat, and didn't stop to think of an actual solution (or look for one, honestly). Sorry about that.

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