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Twine Demos & Tutorials - Image Maps, Fonts, Animations, Hosting, Etc.

I put some of my Twine materials from one of my classes online here. I figured they might be useful to others, so I'm sharing them here. It's a mixture of tutorials and commented demo stories. I'm planning on putting more from that class online when I get a chance. Currently, it covers things like creating HTML image maps, embedding Google fonts, using CSS animations, free website hosting, some custom macros, etc.


  • That's actually really handy. Good to see sugarcube 2 demos. I really hope to see more stuff get added.
  • Wow! Thank you for posting this! These are very useful. Especially the pop-up dialog and CSS related stuff.
  • I'm actually looking for tutorials/sample projects on how to make Twine games more interactive and game-like.
    For example you have this simple trick where you press a button and you overwrite a part of the HTML in your passage and simulate that you have opemed a drawer or a door. There's this other one where you can start a countdown and tell the user to act fast by chosing A or B. I read that that there are more similar ways to increase interactivity.

    Can anyone post something like that?
  • edited May 2017
    Hello Mike
    Thanks for those goodies. I am going to praise those snippets in my (french) blog on twine, jekyll and photography :

    And I agree with the suggestion you made of hosting stories on Github.
  • Amazing resources! I already use some very simple tricks for my story, but these things would make it much more professional-looking.

    Thanks very much!
  • Thanks all, glad it was useful!

    Pierre - thanks for sharing it.

    Disane - I'll go back through my materials and think about which other "game-like" mechanics I covered that I could post.
  • @mikewesthad : Thank you! I would really appreciate that.
  • I quite like your macros - clickdialog and such. Looks like it'd be a cool way to confirm "Do you wanna do this?" "Pick up this or that?" etc etc.
  • I've found the <<keyup>> macro to be useful.

    Placing the <<keyup>> or <<keydown>> macros in the PassageDone special passage allow the button presses to be registered from any passage. My game is designed for fullscreen, and pressing escape brings up a popup box with options like 'exit game' or 'load last autosave' as I did not want these options to be visible on my UI during gameplay. (using Twine 1.4.2 and SugarCube 2.18.0).

    This is what I have in my PassageDone passage, which launches a default Sugarcube popup when 'escape' is pressed , populated by a passage called 'MENU'.
    	<<keyup "escape">>
    Dialog.setup("MENU", "menu");"MENU").processText());;
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