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The Perils of Sir Reginald, Bart.

edited June 2017 in Workshop
Hey! I made this game (with Twine 1), The Perils of Sir Reginald, Bart. Reginald has just inherited a Baronetcy- and a fancy family curse to go with it. Can he beat the curse -- or will he perish (or worse) in the attempt? It's a real question.
Vividly rendered interiors, lots of fun clues, deadly traps, a butler...
It is a big file (45 MB--lots of images), so it takes some time to load and may not be healthy for some browsers. Also, it is designed to be played on computers, and does not look as nice on tablets and phones. The link above will take you to the game's page on my website.
Also, thanks so much, Twine forum! My game has all the fancy mechanics I wanted it to have, because of advice given here.
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