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Different link formatting in same passage

This seems like it should be simple enough to figure out, but I haven't found anything via the Google or searching this forum:

How can links be formatted differently within the same passage? In the Bee King game, for instance, different links in the same passage use different fonts. In my case I'd like some links to be red and others blue.



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    You will have to give us the full version number of both Twine and whatever Story Format you are working with.

    Other than that, you can use the stylesheet to create specific styles for links:
    a.specialLink {
    color: red;

    Then use those within your text like this:
    <a class="specialLink" data-passage="passageName">linkName</a>
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    As a slight alternative, you can also make the link into a child of a class, allowing you to continue to use link markup:
    <span class='special-link'>[[link]]</span>

    In CSS:
    /* sugarcube */
    .special-link a { color: red; }
    /* harlowe */
    .special-link tw-link { color: red; }

    There might be better ways to do it, but we'll need to know the story format and version.
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