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Problem with editor

I'm sorry for such a noob question, but I haven't found a solution to my problem anywhere.
It's about editor. How can I arrange passages to look less messy? Right now it's impossible to even select some of them because they overlap.
I cannot move anything for some reason.


  • Which version and release (install-able or web-browser based) of Twine 2 are you using?

    Which operating system (brand, version, edition, 32/64bit) are you using?

    If you are using a web-browser based release then which web-browser (brand, version, 32/64bit) are you using to run the Twine 2 application?
  • Thank you for the noob question. I'm having similar difficulties...I'm using FireFox on a 64bit Windows OS
  • I'm so sorry for bothering you. I've figured out what the broblem was. I used Firefox browser, and everything turned out fine when I switched to Chrome. Now I can move the nodes all right.
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