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New to Twine! Here's my idea!

Hi there,

I'm new to Twine and although I have some sense of understanding coding (mostly when I read it), I sometimes struggle just coming up with how to handle certain things from the top of my head.
I had a major project I wanted to work on, but before I do... I decided to create a huge interactive story kind of game that would allow players to choose from tons of different methods to approach a situation. I already figured out it's going to be a lot of work... but this smaller project would be a way for me to get to know Sugarcube and Twine a bit better before attempting what I want to do for my major project. I do believe the big project is going to push the limits of this development tool (if it is even possible to make, but if it is... it'll require some serious knowledge in all areas, I think...).

I was really hoping to be able to eventually share and work with others here to make that project a reality, hopefully I'll be able to learn a lot and give back in return!

Nice to meet you all,


  • Hello! If you are interested, I'd like to work with you!
  • Hello! I'm kinda new still. been doing it for awhile and I can tell you that as you create stories ti does get easier over time. right now im starting work on a project to make a D&D type game. it uses a lot of randomized variables and looping back and forth between passages, leveling systems, characer creation and hiden texts. I use harlowe 2.1 thoughn so most of my knowledge wouldnt help you but if you run into any problems ill do my best to help you. I usually get on at least once a week so just message me and ill get back to you. I m pretty good about finding things on the website.
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    Well, you have given no details which version of twine and sugarcube are you going to use. Also there's not much information on what kind of game are you trying to make.

    I started out a couple of months ago and I'm only scratching the surface with SugarCube ver. 2.18. My goto strategy is to create numerous small stories and incorporte a gameplay mechanic, a game system or anything that can be decoupled from a game and implemented and tested on its own. Using this method and by asking around on the forum, I've managed to implement the following systems for a Twine game:
    -Inventory, This took me months to figure out and not because I did not know how to implement it, but because I had no solid grasp of what exactly I wanted. This taught me that I needed to figure out everything before hand and implementing it only after I was confident that the design would work.
    - Time System
    - Quest System with Main and Secondary quest lines.
    - Combat System
    - Shops and containers
    - Desription systems
    - Logging
    ... and so in

    Each system had its own challanges and required me to search the documentation, read the descriptions and build an experimental story by applying what was read. Unfortunately there's not much advanced topics on the internet about designing game play elements in Twine, but if you manage to keep your cool and go over the documentation, you should be able to figure out many things on your own.

    My game so far is 70% JavaScript while the rest uses SugarCube macros and widgets.
    I'm still new to JavaScript, but I'm trying my best in applying various design patterns and coding rules that I picked up from other languages like Python, C#, C/C++, Java, etc. Now, these patterns only make sense if you are trying to decouple your systems into modules, which kind works great in SugarCube since ImportScript and ImportStyles were introduced.

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