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Does Twine also support parallel story lines?

It seems, that twine only supports a single active story line at once.
I would like to have multiple active story lines at once. What this could mean, is either, that you have multiple persons, which have their own stories, but sometimes they meet, and they have a single story, which splits afterwards.
Another example is, that you have multiple events, which can be played in arbitrary order, for example, after going to a city, you can do mutliple things (alternatively as by default) but do some things only once (so when the story is cyclic, you can go to the city more often, and each time you can do different things there)
I wrote such a program for stories not long ago myself, which also supports parallel stories. But you have to write the everything in text files instead of interactively editing, as in twine.


  • I honestly don't see why Twine couldn't do this. In fact, I'd argue that telling stories like what you describe is one of its strengths.
  • Depends on what you mean by support. If you mean 'is it possible to implement it using Twines scripting language and variable system', then yes, it does. If you mean 'has someone else done most of the hard work and put a parallel story system in place that I can hook into', then no.
  • Maybe you could give us a more concrete example of what kind of support you find lacking in Twine, because as @Chapel mentioned, this all seems fairly easy to accomplish.

    You can easily make several characters with distinct storylines and switch back and forth between them and pretty much most Twine Stories/Games I played had events you could do in arbitrary order. Maybe I am not fully grasping what kind of game mechanics you are refering to with your examples.
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