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Hi everyone, I'm trying to have a certain passage automatically transition to a different passage after a few seconds. i tried <<timedgoto>> but I just get an error message. I'm on Sugarcube 1.0.34. I'm guessing this macro isn't compatible with his version. Anybody know the equivalent?



  • You don't state which custom <<timedgoto>> macro add-on you are using, nor do you state what the error message informed you, so it is difficult to know why it did not work.

    You could try the untested one supplied by TheMadExile in this comment of the How do I use thread, it seemed to work correctly in my test project.

    warning: The macros found on the Glorious Trainwrecks website were written for the 'vanilla' story formats (Sugarcane, Johan, and Responsive) that came pre-installed with the Twine 1 application, they are not meant to be used with SugarCube (1.x or 2.x)
  • Awesome, thanks! TheMadExile's solution worked perfectly.
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