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Lost Twine Story

Stupidly, I cleaned up my Mozilla browser, but it seemed so benign at the time? Unfortunately, I lost the story I had recently been working on... I copied down the url (!/stories/a7f492e4-7d4c-4699-9191-57d3f9df88cb) but I'm not sure if this is able to restore my story. This happened only minutes ago. Please let me know if anything can be done. Thanks.


  • The web-browser based release of the Twine 2 application stores your Story Projects within the web-browser's local storage cache, there is no server based storage or functionality.

    If you have cleared your web-browser's local storage cache then your story projects are gone.

    If you have used either:
    a. the Archive option to create a backup Archive HTML file.
    b. the Publish to File option to create a Story HTML file.
    ... then you can use the Import From File option to recover your Story Project.

    Using either of the above options to create a backup file version of your Story Project(s) on a regular basis is a good idea, for both the web-browser and install-able releases of the Twine 2 application.
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