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Story Map Space

Hi everyone,

I am designing a twine about a daily life of someone's life. It has several days functions and they all follow a similar format. The problem is that it is very long with many passages. I cannot cram all 4 days worth of passages into the 1 twine, just not enough space. Maybe if I cram all the passages together I could do it, but then it'll look like an untraceable mess. So, is it possible to increase the space so I can fit everything together? The first few passages are all the same, then they split into different days and at the end it'll return to the main menu screen. If I can increase the story map by double I could fit everything in. I just want to keep everything within 1 twine to make things simpler if possible.

I'm working with sugarcube 2 and using html and CSS if that helps.


  • The Story/Passage Map should automatically expand to fit the number of Passages in your Story Project, the extra Passages should be view-able/access-able using the map's horizontal and vertical scrollbars.
  • Okay thanks! Good to know. I was worried if I continued working away and due to my lack of efficiency (loads of passages) I may of filled the page out.
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