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Twine Crashed

Hi Guys

I downloaded Twine to my laptop (windows).

Today my laptop turned off without me shutting it down correctly.

I opened Twine later today and it displays a blank screen. Only 2 buttons are visible; twine & edit.

I went to the folder and story file, once opened, also displays blank.

Any one know what could possible go wrong or if there is a chance to retrieve the story from the html file?

Any advice would be much appreciated!


  • I've had this problem too. I try to open program, I only get a blank page and then it closes again. I've uninstalled and installed again several times but it still won't work. I can still use the online version, so I am for the time being.
  • Tried that too. Uninstall never worked. Yeah, online version works. How about the HTML files? Are they also blank?
  • Not sure but I've only just started learning it so I haven't done any HTML files yet. Sorry.
  • unless you mean was it showing up on the web, in which case I can do the play button but I haven't tried to open a saved file. hmm...I just archived a file and then went to try to open it and got a blank page. bleh.
  • AnOpenBook wrote: »
    hmm...I just archived a file and then went to try to open it and got a blank page. bleh.
    Whether talking about the individual files from the executable release's Twine/Stories directory or the all-projects combined file obtained from using the Archive menu item from the main sidebar, the HTML archive files are just data files. They contain only the data of your project(s) and are not playable.

    To produce a playable/compiled version, you must use the Publish to File story menu item. That will produce an HTML file which has your project's data compiled into its selected story format.

    How you acquire the compiled HTML file differs somewhat based on the release of Twine 2:
    • Executable releases: Using Publish to File should trigger a standard save as dialog for your OS and you may save the compiled file wherever you wish.
    • Browser-based releases (online or offline): Using Publish to File will trigger your browser's default download action, whatever that may be. In many cases, it means your compiled HTML file will be automatically downloaded to your browser's default download location. Regardless, it's a browser setting, so you'll have to look into that yourself. CAVEAT: The browser Safari has been problematic here, as it has not, traditionally, interacted well with the saving-via-browser-download mechanism.
    1. A project must have a story format selected to be published. If publishing doesn't seem to be working, check to ensure that the project has a story format selected—via its Change Story Format menu item.
    2. There have occasionally been issues when moving to newer versions of Twine 2 where it cannot figure out which story format a project needs. In such cases, you need to manually reset the project's story format. You'll know if you need to do this by checking its Change Story Format. If none of the available formats are selected, then your project is affected and you must make a selection. If one is already selected, then you're okay.
  • My main concern is the program was working fine, it closed on it's own and now it won't open. All that off stuff isn't helping me know why my twine program won't start up. Thanks though.:)
  • Though it is still useful to know ;) just not fixing the main issue. Didn't want to sound like that didn't matter at all, just not completely what needed to be known.
  • My reply had been to the following:
    AnOpenBook wrote: »
    hmm...I just archived a file and then went to try to open it and got a blank page. bleh.
    I replied to that in particular as it's a common mistake Twine 2 users make.

    As far as the other issue goes, and speaking only for the installable/executable release, have you tried removing Twine 2's local application data cache? Uninstalling the application does not remove that and it can become corrupted.

    With Twine 2 closed—you may need to ensure none of its processes are lingering—try looking under whatever directory your OS generally uses to store local/temporary application data. If you find a Twine directory with there, remove it. Once removed, try Twine 2 again.

    CAUTION! Do not accidentally remove your document's Twine directory—the one with a Stories subdirectory—as that is your data directory and removing that will also remove your projects.

    Example for Windows: Try opening the Run dialog (WIN+R) and type the following into it:
    That should open an explorer window to your local application data directory. Look for a Twine directory within and remove it if you find it—again, while Twine 2 is not running—then try Twine 2 again.

    PS: It may not be your problem, but it can't hurt to try.
  • oh....well that actually worked. I'll write that down. I wonder why it stopped working in the middle of running before but it started up fine now. Thanks for giving details how to fix it, that helped a lot. :)
  • I'm very inexperienced with coding and computer things so it really helps to have details. :) Though I am trying to learn. That's why I also like this program as I hope it will help me learn HTML too as well as story telling skills in general which I've always loved :)
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