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Help! I can't start a new story!

For some reason, when I click on File > New Story, nothing happens. Thoughts? I can't close the current story without closing the software. Should I just upgrade?


  • And if I do (OK, I already did), how do I open stories created in 1.4? Every story I try to import says there's no story in the file. Yikes.
  • If you "upgraded" to Twine 2, then you're not going to be able to load the Twine 1.4 .tws files as they're completely incompatible. Also, Twine 2 isn't really an upgrade (unless you need to run Twine on a mobile device). Think of it simply as a another Twine program, not a better Twine 1 (which is the truth, really).

    Anyway, what was the last thing you did before Twine 1.4 stopped working?

    Beyond that, I'd probably try completely uninstalling and then reinstalling Twine 1.4 to see if that fixes the problem. Because, even if you do want to switch to Twine 2, you'll need Twine 1 working to be able to build/publish your .tws files, which you can import into Twine 2 after using this Twine 1 compiled HTML file to Twine 2 archive conversion tool.
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