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twine 1 sugarcube to twine 2 sugarcube ERROR

so heres what ive done...
i have a story XYZ, i build it to and HTML
so XYZ.HTML now i run that through "TheMadExile"s "" (this has worked for me before)
after i get the XYZ Twine archive.HTML and i attempt to "import from file" in twine 2
i get an error "An error occurred while trying to import this file. (Cannot read property 'value' of undefined)"
anyone have an idea why i get this error now? it happens no matter what story i convert, nor if i use twine 2 offline or online.

thanks for any help!


  • Can't help I'm afraid, but I get the same error, even with a very simple example built in 1.4.2.
  • edited July 2015
    It's possible something has changed within the Twine 2 archive format since the converter was originally written, let me take a look.

    Okay, I think I see the problem. Fix incoming. Actually, I'm not sure I should fix this.

    The problem caused by a change in Twine 2 (introduced in 2.0.4) which breaks all archives created before that release.
  • Since this affects all archives created prior to 2.0.4, I've created an issue for it (#165) on the Twine 2 issue tracker.

    The basic problem is that Twine 2.0.4 added a new attribute to stories (ifid in this case), which is all well and good by itself. The code which imports story archives, however, cannot handle cases where the attribute is missing, which it is in all archives created prior to that point. So, kaboom! As you can probably guess, the converter was producing pre-2.0.4-style archives.

    I've updated and published a new version of the converter which addresses the issue.
  • As usual, your fix worked flawlessly. idk how you do it, but your help is much appreciated!
  • Hi all.
    I've got the same problem(
    I seems that I can not find a new version of converter.
    Could you please provide the link.
  • I just did a Google search and found it. Not sure what you looked for.

    Regardless. The canonical link is at SugarCube's website, specifically at the bottom of the page of both versions' sub-sites. The URL is unlikely to change anytime soon, so I've even linked it here before (I suppose another won't hurt).


    Just download that ZIP archive, unarchive it someplace, open the included HTML file and follow the instructions.
  • Thank you for link, but I've got the same problem. There is an error while I'm trying to Import Twine1 html story - "An error occurred while trying to import this file. (Cannot read property 'value' of undefined)"

    Is there is another way to transfer story from Twine 1 to Twine 2 ?
  • If this is not some super-secret thing which you cannot share, I can look into whatever the issue is and put out a fix for the converter.

    Other than that. I believe there's a Twee-a-like Twine 2-compatible compiler written in Ruby, which could compile a Twee source version of your project into a Twine 2-style HTML file (which could then be imported into Twine 2).
  • It's just been brought to my attention that the download link that I provided above for the t1-compiled-to-t2-archive converter was for an older version (v1.1.0), which did not properly output post-2.0.4-style archives. All links have been updated and should now point to the most recent version of the converter (v1.2.0).

    My apologies for the confusion.
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