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Batch Export / Command line Export to HTML


We are currently in a situation were we would like to batch export .tws files (Twine 1.x) to HTML.
As far as I understood it, Twee only supports exporting the .twee files and/or is no longer fully updated.

Digging through the documentation I did not find a way to automate this process.
Ideally we want a script to track a folder and automatically export to HTML, which is why we need commandline access to the export functionality. The problematic part is that the environment running the automation process is headless, and thus can't run Twine with GUI.

Any help would be much appreciated!


  • The Twine 1 application can export a TWS project as a Twee file, so instead of tracking tws files you could track twee files and use Twee to build your story HTML files.

    The Python version of Twee is closely connected to Twine 1, they share common core code, and as you stated neither of those projects are currently being maintained/updated by the Twine developers.

    There is a Go version of Twee name TweeGo developed/maintained by @TheMadExile which includes support for the story fromats used by both Twine 1.x and 2.x, which you may want to have a look at.
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