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Sugarcube's naked variables

Is there script or a flag I need to tweak to make this work? All the documentation I've found implies that it should just work as long as the most recent versions of Twine and Sugarcube are active, but for me it doesn't. Variables act as they always have; naked variables in the text do nothing and I still need a <<print>> macro to display their values.

Some things I've tried:

1. Making a new story
2. Reinstalling Twine and Sugarcube
3. Trying Sugarcube 2

This feature would be really nice to have, if I could get it to work.


  • No. It just works. What are you trying to print?
  • edited September 2015
    Anything. Strings and numbers are equally non-functional. Like
    <<set $name = "John">>
    <<print $name>>

    The top shows up as $name but the bottom actually prints John. The same would be true if the variable were a number.
  • Are you sure that you've set the story format for the project in question to SugarCube (menu: Story > Story Format), rather than Sugarcane? Because what you're describing should be impossible, if you're actually using the latest version of either major release of SugarCube (2.x or 1.x). Installing SugarCube only makes it available, for each project you create you have to set its story format to SugarCube for it to be used with that project.

    Case in point, your example works exactly as it should for me (i.e. both print John) in both SugarCube 2.x and 1.x.
  • Well, I reinstalled Sugarcube again but this time it worked lol. Thanks anyway, Exile. Can mark thread as solved.
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