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Can anyone point to any recent SugerCube 2 games that are purported to be well written/coded?

I understand I can import games to reveal source code. And that's great, since I'd like to learn tips and tricks in how to code polished games. Other than playing each one that comes along, is are there any that someone can recommend I take a look at?

Mostly, I'm looking for interesting ways to make complex things happen. So, predominantly my interest is in seeing how the coding side of things happens in innovative ways. Data structures, code organisation and flow, etc.

Any that anyone can recommend? Or any that people were impressed by?


  • Hey, actually can a mod change the tag? I missed spelled sugar in my rush before
  • How did you import something? Just curious, because I was unable to import a couple games after downloading them.
  • If the game was originally written using the Twine 1 application then you would use it's:
    File > Import > Compiled HTML File menu option.

    If the game was originally written using the Twine 2 application then you would use it's:
    Import From File option.

    If the HTML file contains embedded images and is larger that 30-50MB then you may need to convert it into a TWEE file first using TheMadExile's tweego utility.
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