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Moving multiple passages at once rarely works


I've encountered an issue that I'd really like to be able to solve, as my passages are getting in really inconvenient places.

If I box select a group of Twine passages, I can click and drag them as normal, nothing out of the ordinary. As soon as I let go, it spends a moment thinking, and then often a few passages will jump back to their previous position. Curiously, the connections remain pointing at where the passage should be until I move them again.

If I have a group selected, it will always be the same passages which do not move - but if I make a new selection, then it seems there's another random set.

I haven't been able to reproduce the same passage being unable to move consistently, so I'm not sure what's happening. It happens less often in story structure view. I have to move entire branches of the story, which is at its minimum 30 passages.

This occurs on both the browser and standalone versions, on both my desktop and laptop. Both are using slightly outdated versions of Java (1.7) which might be the issue, but to be honest I'd rather check to make sure this isn't an issue, as changing which version of java is active on my computer has messed up some applications before.



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