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Link with Setter bug

This seems like a bug in Twine 2.0 web version, but I figured I'd ask here first to be sure.

I'm using this page to create a link with a setter in Sugarcube, and the Twine UI isn't parsing it as I'd expect. Here's an example of my code:
[[Cosmo][$magRead = "Cosmo"]]
[[Men's Health][$magRead = "Men's Health"]]
[[Highlights][$magRead = "Highlights"]]

Actually, you [[don't want to read|Intro]].

The code works fine. I can click "Cosmo", for example, and I'm taken to the passage "Cosmo" and my $magRead variable is set to "Cosmo". However the Twine UI seems to think I'm trying to create a passage called:
Cosmo][$magRead = "Cosmo"

This is annoying because it auto-creates that passage every time I make a change to the link, which could potentially be often. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug in Twine?


  • edited October 2015
    That is a known limitation and I would include a link to the issue number here except bitbucket is currently offline.

    Currently certain features of the Twine 2 application only support standard markup links types that are common to all three default story formats, these being:
    [[Link Text|Target Passage Name]]
    [[Link Text->Target Passage Name]]
    [[Target Passage Name<-Link Text]]
    [[Both Link Text and Target Passage Name]]

    Advance markup links and macro-based links like the following are not supported:
    note: The following example does not include all the other possible links types.
    [[Link Text|Target Passage Name][$var to "value"]]
    <<click "Target Pasage Name">>
    <<goto "Target Pasage Name">>
    (link: "Target Pasage Name")
    (goto: "Target Pasage Name")
  • Alright, that's a relief. I thought I was doing something wrong. :P

    I ended up just wrapping a <<set>> macro in a <<click>> macro, and that works pretty much the same way just without the error.
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