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[Twine 1.x][Sugarcube 1.x] click/append example needed...

edited October 2015 in Help! with 1.x
Ok, new problem.. I am trying to do a,
<span id="textid></span><<click "text">><<append "#textid">>[img[img1]]<br><</append>><</click>>
but I seem to be missing something as I get an error "<<append>>: no elements matched the selector "#textid"."
Wtf am i doing wrong?


  • You are missing a double quote " at the end of the span element's id property value.
    <span id="textid"></span><<click "text">><<append "#textid">>[img[img1]]<br><</append>><</click>>
  • ok so that worked, now how would i format it for multiple continues? 2x or 3x ect..?
    in total i want to do 5 clicks deep in the passage im working on. do i do it like a nested if tree?
  • ok nvm i got it working.. probably the long way but i can always go back to refine it later. @greyelf thanks for all your help, so far you have been my twine super guru lol
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