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How do I apply Sugarcube to Twine 1

I'm having trouble applying Sugarcube to Twine 1.

I've downloaded sc2.3.3 for T1.4 and unzipped it - what now!?

Please help a newbie!


  • You don't state which Operating System you are using.

    You need to locate the folder/directory you installed the Twine 1 into, within this folder/directory should be a sub-folder/sub-directory named targets. The targets sub-folder/sub-directory contains a number of sub-folders/sub-directorys, one for each of the existing Story Formats you have installed.

    You need to extract the folder/directory and files within the ZIP file into the targets sub-folder/sub-directory.
  • Answered by greyelf, but I'll chime in anyway.

    To install SugarCube 2 for Twine 1.4+:
    1. Download the build of SugarCube 2 for Twine 1.4+. Sounds like you've done that already.
    2. Place the ZIP archive within your Twine 1 install directory's targets directory.
    3. Extract the ZIP archive right there within the targets directory—you must extract the archive, do not simply explore it. If you extracted it correctly, you should now have a sugarcube-2 directory with the targets directory.
    4. Done.
    Now, all you should need to do is to open Twine 1, either open an existing story or start a new one, and choose SugarCube 2 as your story format (Story menu > Story Format > Sugarcube-2).
  • Yessss, thank you both so much!
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