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Key Error: header.html when opening game

Hi there.

I have a game I've been working on and tried messing around with SugarCube.

Now when I go to open my game I get this error message. (attached)

I've also attached my twine game too.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Loosing this would be devastating.



  • I don't know if you edited that TWS manually, completely flubbed the install of SugarCube (v2, I'd hope), or something else happened, but the problem is that instead of the target being set to the name of the story format, it's set to 'header.html'—which is incorrect, in case that wasn't obvious.

    To fix:
    1. Back up your TWS.
    2. Open the TWS in a text editor (NOT a word processor).
    3. Find: (should be line 15)
    4. Replace with something like one of the following. If using SugarCube v2: (do use v2)
      Or, if using SugarCube v1: (don't use v1)
    5. Save and close.
    6. Open the TWS with Twine.
    Step 4 assumes that you installed either version correctly. The directory structure should look something like the following: (for v2; v1 would be similar, just sans the -2 on the directory and .py file)

    I tested the fix and that seems to be the only issue with the TWS.
  • Awesome, thank you very much TheMadExile. You are a life savour ;)
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