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How can I use a link to alter a variable and navigate to another passage simultaneously?

I want two strings of passages - one representing week days and the other Sat/Sun and I want them to link so the player goes through the first string 5 times (Mon - Fri) and on Fri eve is given a link to the 2nd thread which will cycle twice to represent Sat-Sun before returning to Mon morning.
I've already managed that bit by upping the value $day by one on the days end passage with an if statement that asks if the value is 5 i.e. Friday, then it gives you the link for the weekend thread.

I think what I want to do is have a revolving list of values, say for simplicity - Monday - Sunday, that alters one position in the sequence every time the player reaches the midnight/morning passage.

How can I make this work please?


  • You can use a Setter Markup Link to alter a variable when navigating to a Passage:
    [[Link Text|Target Passage Title][$var = "value"]]
  • Thank you, that's given me what I need for now. I may ask about cycling lists at some stage in another thread.

    Thanks again!
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