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FAO The Mad Exile

May I ask if you accept PMs?


  • I prefer Twine and/or SugarCube questions to be asked publicly. For anything else, I suppose so, yes.
  • edited December 2016
    It's just that I sent you one regarding some news about Quest - I was wondering if you had PMs turned off as you never replied. Not that I specifically asked for a reply, but I would like to have heard your thoughts.
  • Have I said something to offend you?
  • No. I've just been busy with various things, so the time I've spent here lately has been answering questions.

    I did skim over your PM some time ago, probably a day or two after you sent it—though I didn't have time to really give it significant attention. Honestly, it wasn't something that I felt needed an immediate response, so I put it off. Since then, it's simply got lost in the shuffle.

    I've now sent a reply.
  • Okay. Thanks.
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