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[SugarCube 2.11.x] Working with Tags and Passages to create a quest system

Hey there!

I was wondering if anyone knows a way to acquire the current room in which the player is residing.
The idea is that I'll be using
to go through an array of boolean variables that tell me if a given "mission" or "quest" has been accomplished and if not I'll do checks on my player, items and characters that are in the game.

Now, I was thinking about tracking the player (track the number of turns and which rooms have been visited), but that would make no sense since I got an inventory menu.

It would be nice if I could start events when the player enters a room that has been tagged with a specific tag.

I was thinking about building a list of the rooms that I have inside the game and then get their Passage object (using Story.get()) and ask for their tag property, but this seems probably too hard to maintain, since I need to extend, edit or shrink this list as I create my rooms and manage them.

Thank you for the help in advance!
I'll post some code, once I got a working prototype.
Any ideas?


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