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Does anyone have Khaloopdxp's .html file on adding music to Harlow?

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For some reason, I can't download it. The only save options I get when right-clicking it are, "Save image as . . ." and , "Save link as . . ."


  • Use the Save link as… menu item. The HTML file you should then download is the Twine 2 archive you'll need to import into Twine 2.
  • Thank you!
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    Quick question: (I'm very new to programming in general so bear with me) in his post including the steps to add music to Harlow, he says to create a passage with the tag "startup". What is that?
    Khaloodxp wrote: »
    Step 5 Create a music passage and make it have the tag startup
  • Amolith wrote: »
    the tag "startup". What is that?
    This is explained in the startup tag section of the Harlowe 1.2.3 manual. The Harlowe 2.x.x manual also has a startup tag section.

    It is a good idea to (at least briefly) read the manual of the story format you are using, as they contain information about it's features.
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    greyelf wrote: »

    What is the tag? All it says the tag is is
    and I tried using
    but it still didn't work.
  • It goes in the passages tags, right under the passage name. So not in the passage's actual text. There'll be an input box to write it in. The tag startup will make the whole passage execute before the first passage loads so that you can initialize variables and such.
  • Amolith wrote: »
    What is the tag?
    I suggest reading the Twine 2 Guide, in particular the Changing a passage's tags section of the Editing Passages page.
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