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How can I make an image a setter link?

Using Sugarcube2 and T 1.x

How can I make an image also a setter link?
(My images will be stored in a separate file, rather than in the game file or online).


  • The 'Image w/ Link & Setter' and the 'Image w/ Title, Link, & Setter' sections of the Markup > Images documentation has examples of how to do what you want.

    Just say No when the application asks to if you want to import the referenced image files into the story project.
  • Thanks Greyelf, that's working fine with one setter but I can't seem to get multiple setters functioning. I've tried the 'and' operator (I just get the 'invalid assignment left-hand side error) and I've tried it without. I've tried a few other things too but nothing seems to work.

    Can you tell me where I'm going wrong please? :/
  • As explained in the <<if>> macro's documentation the and operator is uses to evaluate multiple comparison expressions.

    As explained in the documentation I linked to in my earlier post, the Setter part of a Setter Link obeys the rules of the <<set>> macro and you can do multiple assignments at the same time by separating each of those assignments using a coma.
    [[Link Text|Target Passage Name][$var1 to "A", $var2 to "B"]]
    note: the above example is a text based Setter Link but images based ones work the same way.
  • Oh right! Thanks again and sorry if I'm a bit stupid!
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