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How do you add text to another passage with a link within a different passage?

I'm using Twine 2.0 and Harlowe.

In my game the character "downloads" a link onto their tablet giving them diagnostic information. I was wondering how to write text or better yet make a new link appear on the tablet by the user clicking a button within the passage they're on.


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    You need to state the name and full version number of the Story Format you are using, as answers can be different for each one. Because you mentioned Harlowe I will assume you are using Twine 2's current default which is v1.2.4

    You can use a story variable to track if the 'diagnostic information link' has been downloaded, and then use an (if:) macro to control what is shown to the Reader.

    To handle the 'make a new link appear' part of your question you can use a named hook combined with (replace: ) macro, which can be activated via a (link:) macro.

    1. Initialising you story variable in a startup tagged special Passage.
    (set: $linkDownloaded to false)

    2. Conditionally offering a Download option.
    The following ''Revisit this Passage'' link is being used to test what this passage will show if the Reader returns to this passage later.
    If selected (text-style: "underline")[before] the ''Download'' link then the passage should look look the same as first visit, if seleced (text-style: "underline")[after] the ''Download'' link then the ''Diagnostic Information'' link should be shown instead.
    [[Revisit this Passage->First]]
    (if: $linkDownloaded)[ [[Diagnostic Information]]]\
    []<links| {
    (link: "Download")[
    	(set: $linkDownloaded to true)
    	(replace: ?links)[ [[Diagnostic Information]]]

    a. The passage content above the (if:) macro can safely be deleted, as its only there for testing purposes and not needed by the solution.

    b. There is a single (white) space character between the opening double open square brackets of the markup-based links and the macro's associated hook's single open square bracket that the markup link is contained in. This is required due to a bug in Twine 2's "Auto create missing Passages" feature.
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