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Display "moving" string

Sooo, getting back to Twine, and I wanted to add some flair to my text.
I'm trying to substring a string, and increment the min & max values for the substring by one, and print the substring (Essentially it'd look like the text on car-stereos "Hello this"->"ello this "->"llo this i" etc)
Here's what I got so far
<span id="warning"></span>
	<<set $min = 0, $max = 12>>
	<<repeat 100ms>>
		<<set $warn = $warnings.substr($min, $max)>>
		<<set $min++, $max++>>
		<<if $max gt 185>> //Hardcoded string-length
			<<set $max = 12, $min = 0>>
		<<replace "#warning">>$warn<</replace>>
It works, buuut it behaves oddly. For some reason, the gap between min & max becomes larger, making the length of the substring longer, the longer it runs, until $max hits the if-statement, where the substring starts shrinking. Once the substring's length is 0, it repeats again.


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    You need to state the name and full version number of the Story Format you are using, as answers can be different for each one. Based on your tag I will assume you are using SugarCube v2.18.0

    The main issue with your example is that you're using Javascript's substr() method , which expects a length as it's second parameter and you're supplying an end-point. You can either change how you calculate the second parameter's value or switch to using the substring() method instead.

    The following is a slightly modified and a little more generic version of your example, which also handles the reset event a little better.
    	/% The message to display and the size of the text slice to show. %/
    	<<set $message to "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.">>
    	<<set $sliceWidth to 12>>
    	<<set _length to $message.length>>
    	<<set _start to 0>>
    	<<set _loops to 0>>
    	<<repeat 100ms>>
    		<<set _end to Math.min(_start + $sliceWidth, _length)>>
    		<<set _text to $message.substring(_start, _end)>>
    		<<replace "#output">>_text<</replace>>
    		<<set _start++>>
    		<<if _start is _length>>
    			<<set _start to 0>>
    			<<set _loops++>>
    		<<if _loops is 5>>
    			<<replace "#output">><</replace>>
    ... the above also includes a condition that stops the <<repeat>> macro after a set number of loops, which I do because time based looping can interfere with a user's ability to interact with the screen.

    note: It would be relatively easy to convert the above into a <<widget>> that accepts 3-4 parameters. eg. The message, the slices size, the target element, number of loops.
  • Thank you greyelf :smiley:
    Works like a charm.
    And I'll remember to add full version numbers next time.
  • why dont u just use some html & css or good ol marquee ?
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