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image as link in harlowe?

I'm looking for a way to use images as links in Twine2 Harlowe. I know, that I can put in images with simple html syntax, but I'd like to use them as links, to make an interactive comics. Is there any way? ("official" or hack)


  • You can display the image within a Hook and then use a (click:) / (goto:) combo to achieve what you want:

    |smile>[<img src="smile.png">]

    (click: ?smile)[(goto: "Next Passage")]
  • thanks for the quick help! It's simple and perfect!
  • Alternatively! You can just put the image straight into a passage link.
    [[<img src="image.png">->Next Passage]]
    Depending on how you're structuring your passages, one or the other approach might work better for you.
  • Wow, that's even simpler. I didn't realize, that a html tag like an image can go to everywhere within the code. Now I can see the endless possibilities, like replacing text with images on click or any other events, or replacing images with images...
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