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2.0 Download and Windows

So I've been using 2.0 directly from the site (just clicking the "use it online" link from the front page), and haven't had a problem with it.  Today I went to download it so I could use it offline, and while the file downloaded, when I clicked the HTML index file in the folder, it opened a blank screen.  I tried downloading it on a Mac and it worked fine.  It's just not working with Windows and Firefox (though it works if I use the online link).  Any ideas?


  • If you are using Internet Explorer, you may need to use a different browser.

    Under known 2.0.2 bugs, it says, "The downloadable version does not work on Internet Explorer, because IE does not allow local files to save to local storage."
  • Did you extract the files from the ZIP file before running the index.html or are you using the Windows feature that allows you to see the content of a ZIP file as a folder?

    This post explains what you should to to run the downloadable version of Twine 2 on Windows.
  • I'm using Firefox, not IE.  And I definitely extracted the files from the Zip files before running the index.html.  I'm doing everything the same way on the Mac and the Window computer, but the Mac computer is showing the normal screen that one would see if they were running Twine online, and the Windows computer is showing a blank, white screen.
  • What version of Firefox?  Are you running it in any special modes?  Using add-ons?  If you press CTRL+SHIFT+K (to open the developer tools web console), do you see any errors or other output in the log?
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