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twine 2 format adding/removing issue

I have an issue with Twine 2 format handling, using a local copy of twine2.  I deleted the Sugarcube format (from the format , and tried to add it again, but it doesn't show up, only the loading indicator circle rolling infinitelly. I tried a new directory with a freshly downloaded Twine2, but it's the same. (in the same browser. In a different browser, it works just fine)Is there a way to make a "clean install" of Twine 2? I tried to clean the cache, but it was no use. Or is there a cookie, or something else, where Twine 2 keeps information about formats and other user preferences?


  • Twine 2, currently, has no built-in way of cleaning up after itself.  Do do a complete purge of Twine 2, you'd have to use the developer console.

    WARNING!  Doing the following will permanently destroy all Twine 2 data.  Use the Archive menu item to backup your data first (and verify it) before continuing.

    1. Open Twine 2 in your browser.

    2. Open your browser's developer console (F12 in most browsers, CTRL+SHIFT+K in Firefox [Mac: CMD+OPT+K]) and enter the following:
    Object.keys(localStorage).forEach(function (key) { if (/^twine-/i.test(key)) localStorage.removeItem(key); });
    3. Close your browser without interacting with Twine 2.

    All Twine 2 data should now have been purged from the browser in question.
  • I've created a bug for this here.
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