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Interactive Passages -TWINE 2.0

I tried searching for this "topic" but I didn't really know what to call it and I got no where. I am writing a TWINE story - not really a game but a story. At some point I would like a reader to contribute something - an experience, an opinion, an idea - and I'd like for that to become a permanent part of the story - all additional "passages" I imagine.

Has this been done before? Can anyone point me to an example? Can it be done?

I can clarify if need be but that's really all that I'm looking for - a place in the story for a reader to add something - text - and for that something to be available to other readers.



  • So I am going to surmise that 67 views and no comments means I am annoying people by asking obvious questions or that really this cannot be done. Am I close?
  • It is not a case of "it can't be done" but of that "it is difficult and complex to do"

    The solution would consist of three main parts, neither of which are built in to any of the Twine (1.x or 2.x) story formats.

    1. The dynamic adding of "passages" to the story at time of reading.
    The built-in 1.x story formats and SugarCube were (to different extents) derived from a product namedTiddlyWiki, which supported the ability for users to locally add and save new content (called Tiddlers) but this ability was removed from the story formats. The 2.x Harlowe and Snowman story formats are not derived from TiddlyWiki.
    So the ability for the reader to locally add/edit/delete content and then to locally save these changes would need to be implemented using javascript.

    2. Persist readers changes to a server.
    By default hosted and downloadable versions of a Twine story (1.x or 2.x) run locally on your machine, they record information about what the reader does in reader's web-browser's localstorage, and there is no server interaction.
    So the ability for the story to send data to a server would need to be implement. Now comes the harder part, there needs to be a server application to receive the reader's data. You could either use existing software or develop your own, the choices are almost endless.

    3. Notify and update other readers copies of the story with the new content.
    The solution of this is tied into the solutions of point 1 & 2.

    So basically you need to take a single-user standalone Twine story and convert it into a multi-user client-server based one, which is a non-trivial task.

    I hope this gives you some insight into the issue.
  • It does and I appreciate the time you've taken to respond. This early in the "game" I will take my story in a different direction. I'll consider this as part of the process and move on. Thanks so much. Bob
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