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Delayed listening

Hi everyone! Ok.. newest 2.0 question...
This is the original text and [here is what should change]<hoverChange1| [as we hover over it]<hoverChangeNotLink|.

(mouseover: ?hoverChange1)[(replace: ?hoverChange1)[here is the [1st replaced]<hoverChange2| text]]

(mouseover: ?hoverChange2)[(replace: ?hoverChange2)[now we have the 2nd changed ](replace: ?hoverChangeNotLink)[(note how just erased the last bit that was not part of the link)]]
Here's the practice code I'm playing with.  So what's supposed to happen is you mouse over, the text changes, you mouse over again and it changes again.  Straight forward enough, it happens.  The trouble comes it at how quickly it changes... you mouse over and if you don't move the mouse fast enough it immediately sees your mouse is still over the text and skips right to the second text.

Is there a way to delay when the hover kicks in again?  Not the replace mind you - the next bit of text should show up, but it shouldn't be live again till a few seconds after? 

Or maybe (just brainstorming) replacing with textA (which is not live) then after x seconds replace with textB (which slightly shaded and live)?


  • You could use a (live:) macro to delay the attaching of your (mouseover: ?hoverChange2) macro.

    The following example uses a (live:) macro with a 2 second delay (eg. 2 x 1000ms), try holding your mouse over the bolded text to see this delay.

    The quick <b>[monkey]<change1|</b> jumped over the <i>[sleeping cat]<change3|</i>

    (mouseover: ?change1)[
    (replace: ?change1)[[white mouse]<change2|]
    (live: 2000ms)[
    (mouseover: ?change2)[
    (replace: ?change2)[brown dog]
    (replace: ?change3)[lazy dog]
    1. I have formatted the code over multiple lines to make it easier to read but you can remove the extra white-space as it is not needed.
    2. A (live:) macro will keep triggering every time-increment (in this case 2 second) until you tell it to (stop:)
  • Ahhh!  Makes total sense - well, roundabout makes-sense-after-the-fact :)  Brilliant, much thanks!
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