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I'm missing something easy here. help?

<<if $counter is +2>><<print is Final Notification>><<endif>>

I'm missing something simple but I can't seem to figure this little guy out. I simply want the passage to only become visible after the counter reaches 2. I feel like it shouldn't be as hard as i'm making it. suggestions? solutions?



  • edited April 2015
    Print shouldn't be used for links and if you just want $counter to be 2, no need for the +.

    <<if $counter is 2>>Final Notification<<endif>>

    In general, the main use for <<print>> is to show variable values. Anything else just write it normally.
  • Beyond what Claretta mentioned, you were also using the is operator within the <<print>>, which you do not normally do, and hadn't quoted the wiki link markup, which you would have to do inside <<print>> (though, as Claretta mentioned, you don't need to <<print>> it at all).
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