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file format reference?

twine 1.4 can save a story in the twee-format. where can i find a reference or more specification of this format?



  • Twee format specification:
    :: passage_title [optional_space_separated_list_of_tags]

    :: Start
    This is the starting passage.  It has no tags.
    [[Onward to glory]].
    :: Onward to glory [hotel sierra]
    This is another passage.  It is tagged with the tags: hotel, sierra.
  • thanks for your reply. but there are expressions, variables, ... -there is no document with detailed explanations how it should be?
  • Doesn't Twee just use existing story formats?

    If you set your story format to SugarCube and set Twine 1.4 to Twee mode, you should just use normal SugarCube macros and stuff.
  • i thought sugarCube, Jonah, .. are the storyformats to "play" a story. but i'm interested in the format for creating a story. such thinks like
    <<replace "...">>
    <<if visited("Antherica")>>
    but i only find the wiki-articles (example: with some examples, but no definition.
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    SugarCube etc are the formats for writing a story. You can use Twee with SugarCube.
  • Claretta wrote: »
    SugarCube etc are the formats for writing a story. You can use Twee with SugarCube.

    i think i misunderstood some parts. what is the name of the format linked on the wiki-page (for example
    is this the sugarcube format? becouse i'm search for the definition of this format. if it is the sugarcube format, i'm done. but is it?

    (sorry for my stupid questions -.- )
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    SugarCane. That's the default 1.4 story format.

    Twee is just a method for referring to passage titles and stuff in pure text format, rather than using the Twine GUI with the boxes and arrows. To write the actual content of the passages you still use SugarCane, SugarCube etc.

    Twee is just a replacement for the Twine GUI to allow it to be used in text editors like Notepad++, not a replacement for the story format.
  • Claretta wrote: »
    SugarCane. That's the default 1.4 story format.

    thank you so much!
  • There are three main parts in 1.x:

    1. The TWEE and TWS files:
    Both these file types are used to store your story's passages, the TWEE file is plain text and is structured as stated by @TheMadExile.

    2. The Twine and Twee programs:
    These take the passages defined in one of the above file types and combine then with a story format file of your choice to generate your story's HTML file.

    3. The story formats:
    These define what features and the macros are available to a story Author.

    @boxi: So when you asked for a reference or more specification of the Twee file so you could determine what features and the macros you could include in your story's passages what you were really asking is what are the features and the macros of each of the story formats.

    The the features and macros of Sugarcane, Jonah, and Responsive are here in the Twine wiki.
    The features and macros of SugarCube are found here on TheMadExiles website.

    Once you choose which story format you want to use then you will know what features and macros you can use within the passages within your twee file.
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