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Transition help

Hi, I've been having a hard time modifying transitions in Sugarcube. I'd like to disable the transition fade-in, but only for certain passages. I've searched the forums and found a post with a similar problem. It contained this snipped as a solution:
transition: none;
-webkit-transition: none;
-moz-transition: none;

So I created a new stylesheet and inserted the code. I followed the instructions on the wiki page for stylesheets and added a tag (notrans) to only apply the stylesheet in passages also tagged with 'notrans', but the fade-in remained.

I saw that there's a special 'transition' tag for stylesheets. Should I use this? I tried with and without, but nothing seems to work. I've also tried using #passages instead of .passage in the stylesheet CSS, and haven't had any luck. And using the 'stylesheet' tag alone in an attempt to disable transitions for all passages didn't work, so maybe the snippet I found isn't working. Or maybe I'm not putting it in the right place. Basically, I have no clue how to pull this off and would appreciate help :)


  • edited May 2015
    is the exact code you have ".passage.notrans" ?

    You speak of a notrans tag, but the code you mention assumes a tag of notransition. The two must match up. I.e. if your tag is notrans then your css must reference .passage.notrans.

    If you've set everything up right, the code you have will work.
  • Also, by a transition remaining, do you mean it is still at the original length, or is there still a remaining flicker?
  • Thanks so much! I didn't realize that the CSS was referencing the tag name. Works like a charm!
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