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Hi All,

I'm pretty new to Twine so bare with me!  I have a bunch of audio files, with one in each passage.  I would like each audio file to start after x seconds of the person entering that passage.  Is there a way to do this?

I'm using Twine 2 and SugarCube 2.24.0

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You could either fade them in or, if you wanted an abrupt transition, use the <<timed>> macro.

Example: Fade in over 10 seconds

<<audio "trackname" volume 0 fadeoverto 10 1>>

Example: Playback which starts after 10 seconds

<<timed 10s>><<audio "trackname" volume 1 play>><</timed>>

SEE: <<audio>>, <<timed>>

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I don't like the fade, because it cuts off the beginning of the audio.  As for timed, I keep getting the error below and don't know why.

Error: macro <<timed>> does not exist

Error: macro <</timed>> does not exist
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If you're seeing that, then you are not using SugarCube v2.24.0.  It may be installed, but your project cannot be using it because <<timed>> is a core macro.  I'd check your project to see what you're actually using—Twine 2 does come with the old v1 as well, so make sure you aren't using that.

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