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I'm using Twine 2.1.3 and Harlowe 2.0.1 and for some reason the prompt doesn't appear. Instead there is an error that says '1 too many values were given to this (prompt:) macro.' and the code I used was from the Harlowe 2.0.1 manual. It doesn't work with the online or offline version of Twine on my laptop.

Here is the code:

(set: $name to (prompt: "Your name, please:", "Frances Spayne"))


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This must be a current bug with Twine 2.1.3, surely. I just used it in my version of Twine (2.1.1) and it works without any problems.
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I've seen this error as well, just after having it work too. You could try deleting the second value , running it, and then re-adding it when it tells you that doesn't work too. That's how I managed to get it work, though it's not an actual solution.
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That error should only be displayed if you are using Harlowe 1.x, are you sure you have Harlowe 2.x selected as your story format?

I just tested your code example in both the web-browser (in Chrome) and the install-able release of Twine v2.1.3 on Windows. with Harlowe v2.0.1 selected as the story format and it work correctly in both.
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Oh my gosh! You were right greyelf! For some reason I set the Story Format to Harlowe 1! Thank you for reminding me ! Sorry everyone! Thank you for trying to help!
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