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I am running Twine in Chrome browser on an Android 7 samsung TAB A tablet, the archive button used to work before I updated to Android 7. when I hit archive i get a "downloading" message, but my archive file is not saved any where on my machine. anyone else having archive issues with Android 7?

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Does the Publish to File option still work?

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The "publish to file" also did not work. I tested downloading an image from another site (gify.com), it worked and it saved to my downloads folder. I switched from Chrome to Chrome Beta for android and now the Archive button works and an archive file is saved to my downloads folder.

Thanks for the helping.
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(Disclaimer: This may only work on iOS)

Try installing a application called documents 6 then use the built I web browser to download the archive.

Documents 6 should allow you to access and import your archive back into twine.

If this doesn't work I don't know what to do.