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I have some background images (bg01.jpg, bg02.jpg, bg03.jpg, etc.) and I want these images to appear randomly in each passage.

Can someone help me?

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I'd start with putting something like the following in your Story JavaScript:

setup.backgrounds = [
	// Put your image paths here.
setup.randomBackground = function () {
		'url(' + setup.backgrounds.random() + ')'
setup.clearBackground = function () {
	$(document.body).css('background-image', 'none');

Once that's done, you have a couple of choices.


1. If you want the backgrounds to only appear in certain passages, then you could put the following at the top of each passage:

<<run setup.randomBackground()>>\

You may clear the current background with:

<<run setup.clearBackground()>>\


2. On the other hand, if you want them to appear in most passages, then you'll probably want to put the following in the PassageReady special passage instead:

<<if tags().includes("nobg")>>
	<<run setup.clearBackground()>>
	<<run setup.randomBackground()>>

Then you simply tag any passage you do not wish to receive a background with nobg.

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It's work! Thanx a lot!!! yes

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