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I'm starting to learn Twine and I'm putting together a little framework for making a game.

I'd like to be able to store functions or procedures somehow so that I can use them over and over again without having to write the whole thing each time.

Example[Something like this]: (set: $incrementItemsAmount to (set: _item's amount to it + 1))

I've looked at lambda macros, but they look like they're more for looped procedures.

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Harlowe currently has no built-in method for adding custom TwineScript based macros, the best you do is to place that code in a child passage and then use the (display:) macro to 'execute' that code.

The following example is written using Twee Notation.

:: Parent Passage
(set: $length to 10)
(set: $width to 10)
(display: "Calculate Area")

area: $area

:: Calculate Area
(set: $area to $length * $width)

One downside of the above technique is that any visual output of the child passage will be added to the visual output of the parent passage, this includes any line-breaks used to format the child passage's code. One way to get around this side-effect is to wrap the (display:) macro call in a named hook and then use CSS to hide all visual contents of that named hook.

a. Change the (display:) macro call to something like the following:

|macro>[(display: "Calculate Area")]

b. Add CSS like the following, that uses a selector based on the above macro named hook, to the Story Stylesheet area of your story.

tw-hook[name="macro"] {
	display: none;


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