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Hello, I'm using Harlowe in Twine 2.2.1 on a mac. When I attempt to use the (lowercase:) macro, it turns bright orange in the editor. When I run the game it gives me an error that reads: "I can't run the macro 'lowercase' because it doesn't exist."

This, for example, gives me the error message and prints $apple as "0":

(set: $apple to (lowercase: "APPLE"))

I've checked my spelling and even cut and pasted the example from the Twine wiki.

Is that macro not supported? Will it be soon?

Is there an alternate way to lowercase every letter in a string?

Thanks all!


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Are you using the correct version of Harlowe?  I'm unable to confirm at the moment, however, I'd ensure that you're using version 2 of Harlowe.  Twine 2 comes with two versions installed.
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Holy cow! That was it. I didn't even realize I was using the old version. That actually explains many similar problems I've been having. Thank you!